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Kathaiyum Gaanamum / கதையும் கானமும்

Thur 12:00AM

Story telling with matching songs

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02/04/2010 Click here to play
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Too many Stories heard but only 4 archived , where is other .

thevi, canada, 23/06/2011
i think CMR have mistaken , CMR have to find out how same person can comments at the same time from diffrent countires as I'm from canada Priaveen ,some of the story i like from this program..whenever i have time I don't miss this Kathaium kanamum..thats way I send the comments to CMR. If CMR have concern about my comments pls. decline thanks...

Praveen, Canada, 30/04/2011
I like this program very much, nice songs and story, Is there anyway we can submit story other then fax... through link, or e-mail address, will be great as not everyone have access to fax. Kathaium Kanamum can have own e-mail address, Ps. suthakaran and CMR team please take this in concideration, as a kindly request ...please don't see as just a comments. thanks (CMR: We just wonder how can a same person writing from different countries in different names in same time?)

Priaveen, Canada, 06/04/2011
கதையும் கணமும் நல்ல நிகழ்ச்சி , please update the lates story ஆவலுடன் காத்திருகின்றேன் , ps. Sutha அண்ணா எங்கே புதிய கதை....

Kapil, Montreal, 06/04/2011
I like This program,some stories are touching and beautiful songs. kalairupan voice is sweet.

RANJINI, Canada, 01/01/2011
ஹாய் சுதாகரன் .லவ் லி

., ., 05/07/2010
சிங்கம் .வ ந்த ச்சா .சுறா என்னும் பாக் க லை

., ., 05/06/2010
அண்ணாவாழ்த்து தான .மிளா

., ., 14/05/2010
I really love this program. கதைக்கு சிறப்பை சேர்க்கும் , நல்ல பாடல் தேர்வுகள். அது மட்டும் இன்றி இனிமையான குரல். some stories are very tuch full. Wish you all good luck......

thenral, Canada, 06/03/2010
பிரதி .சுதாகரன் .ல குட் லக்

P K L, , 05/02/2010
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