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Kuviyam - The Focus
Sun 3:30 PM

Current affairs more
Thaayaka Noakku
Thur 10:30PM

Homeland activities more
Thirai Virunthu
Sat 5:00PM

Movie review more
Sun 5:00 PM

Cinema news in gossip format more
Kalai Sangamam
Sun 12:30PM

Interview with local artists more
Wed 12:00AM

Documentry on historical occurrences around the world more
Vanna Vanna Chiddukkal (Call-In)
Sun 12:00PM

Kid's call-in contest more
Naavil Suvai
Sat 12:30PM

Cooking show more
Ithaya Naatham
Sun 11:30PM

A small drama play supported by songs more
Kathaiyum Gaanamum / கதையும் கானமும்
Thur 12:00AM

Story telling with matching songs more
Paaddu veiddai (Call-In)
Mon 10:30PM

Song selection competition for play or story more
Isai Alaikal
Sat 2:30PM

Local music promotion more
Weekdays 5:00AM

Morning motivation more
Ulaka valam
Tue 12:00AM

Most important world issues more
Kaatrilei Kavithai

Kavithai on announcer choice more
Wed 10:30pm

Call-In Kavithai program more
Thakaval (Call-In)
Tue 10:30pm

Experts in different fields answer listerners questions more
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