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Pudhina Pachadi: சுவையோ சுவை

[10/27/2011] [சின்ன குக் ]

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INGREDIENTS : 1 cup mint leaves , 2 tbs grated fresh coconut , 4 green chillis , 1 inch tamarind piece ,1 tbs urad dal , 1 tsp cumin seeds , salt ,pinch of jaggary , 2 tbs chopped onion , 1 tbs oil

FOR TADKA : 2 TBS OIL , 2 garlic cloves , 1 dry red chilli, cumin seeds and musturd seeds , curry leaves


. Heat oil in a pan , add urad dal , cumin seeds , green chillis , tamarind piece , roast everthing on low flame then add pudhina leaves , fry then until dark

. Take a blender add all the roasted ingredients along with fresh grated coconut , salt and jaggary , add 1/4 cup of water and blend to a smooth paste

. Now heat oil i a pan add all the tadka ingredients , pour over chutney

. Add chopped onion to chuyney ,mix well

.Serve hot with rice and papad

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